Marketing Strategy Guide

We provide a wide variety of digital marketing services. It’s understandable that you might need some guidance to make sense of it all. The step-by-step framework of our guide will make outsourcing easy.

The digital marketing strategy guide found here will also help you better understand which services are most important to your search engine rankings and traffic, as well as how they work.

Step 1. Auditing your Website

A website audit is essential for our team and you, to know where your website is starting from.

This means auditing your backlink profile, search engine rankings and website page structure. This allows us to present a mapping of your website that shows which keywords correspond to which pages on your website. We can see if you’re already ranking for certain phrases and might want to target those pages and keyword groupings first. It makes sense to focus on the keywords your website is already performing well for and drive up those rankings before moving on to other phrases.

Auditing is very important and we highly recommend it. However, if you already know your target keywords and are confident your website has strong on-page optimization, you’re welcome to jump right into our lineup of off-page services.

Step 2. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization means improving the content found on your website and optimizing it for search engines.

Our website audit report will briefly describe which pages need help and what we recommend.

For key pages of your website that will be used to rank in search engines, our on-page optimization service will be recommended if titles, META descriptions, H1 tags or image ALT text is missing, duplicated across pages, or lacking in optimization.

We may also recommend additional webpage content if these pages are short in word count, or if entirely new pages are needed to target your keywords effectively.

The above services, on-page optimization and webpage content, are the essentials to ranking in search engines.

However, it’s always recommended that our clients consider the benefits of content marketing. By expanding the value that your website has to provide through premium blog content, enhanced with videos or infographics, you begin to build your brand and establish authority in your niche. This is content that attracts an audience and offers something more than just a description of your products or services. Exceptional blog content creates trust and awareness of your brand.

Step 3. Page Speed

Google has been very clear that page speed is an essential rank factor.

If your website has slow load times, it will affect user experience and potentially lower your rankings.

Our WordPress hosting is a recommended solution. It offers blazing fast servers and optimal backend load times for quicker development. It’s fully managed and guaranteed to impress clients.

Step 4. Link Building and Off-Page Promotion

There are a wide variety of ways to increase search engine rankings through link building and it genuinely depends on the approach you intend to take.

Our recommended strategy is to use manual link building to establish a base of high quality backlinks. Combined with local business listings and press release distribution, these services help diversify your backlink profile so that you can safely venture into other avenues of link building and they will increase rankings standalone as well.

The services mentioned above also have a TieredBoost addon that is highly recommended. This will contribute to getting your links recognized and indexed by search engines and it builds authority into the links, making them more powerful to your rankings. You can continue to use TieredBoost long after the links are created to build permanent authority into those properties.

To substantially increase your rankings for a given page, private network posts are a necessary next step. These are high value links on our in-house private blog network. They are permanent links on high DA domains and they perform exceptionally well. Since your backlink profile is already very diverse, you can safely use these to climb the search results.

For long-term domination of your niche, consider a more practical approach to link building such as guest posting or creation of your own PBN. Both are high authority approaches to securing links and although more expensive, they are both very effective.